Lasseter's Bones


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“In a splendid example of the sort of subjective documentary film-making championed by Werner Herzog, local director Luke Walker throws himself into the legend of Harold Lasseter, the explorer who claimed in the late 1800s to have stumbled across a mother lode of gold in the middle of the outback. Nobody else has ever seen it, so Walker takes us on an absorbing psychological and geographical journey in his first-person struggle to disentangle fact from fiction.

The film is a courageously mounted venture in which myth busting and myth building struggle for supremacy. Indeed, Walker’s trek into the outback to try and locate Lasseter’s Reef is as much about the nature of historical “truth” as it is about finding the damned thing. ” Jim Schembri

Feature length documentary; premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival 2012

Screened on Foxtel History Channel October 2014/Currently available on Netlix.

Lasseter’s Bones

2012 MIFF Program Notes